Say NO to Eskom’s Price Hike

Join millions of other South Africans and let your voice be heard.


Let’s stand up and stand together


South African consumers cannot take yet another body blow, as millions are already struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table. In addition, SMMEs – without the purchasing power of the bigger corporates – are suffering and collapsing. Not only will this price hike push many to breaking point, but when businesses are forced to close, employees are left without an income, or the means to take care of their families.

We are in the dark!

Eskom has clearly shown itself unable to provide a stable energy supply, with the country suffering daily loadshedding, often up to Stage 6 – for the foreseeable future. Why then, are beleaguered consumers being forced to pay more for a sub-par service? This amounts to nothing more than consumer bullying.

Lighten the load on South Africans


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This initiative is driven by the Inkatha Freedom Party